Course curriculum

    1. This chapter describes what 1 tonne actually is and how it relates with real world activity using driving, lights and kettle examples.

    2. What is 1 tonne of Carbon Dioxide

    3. Carbon Chapter 1 Review

    1. This chapter is a short presentation to visualise the tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions as a standard UK red brick. For Fun.

    2. Carbon Chapter 2 Review

    1. This chapter details your emissions to the GHG Accounting Protocol for Scope 1 direct, Scope 2 Electricity, and Scope 3 Indirect.

    2. Carbon Chapter 3 Review

    1. This chapter is the most significant as it works through an example calculation of carbon footprint for a UK based Business.

    2. Carbon Chapter 4 Review

    1. This chapter descrbes the potential role of a NetZero Champion in your business and how it will help achieve carbon reduction.

    2. Carbon Chapter 5 Review

    1. This chapter describes the possible ISO Standards for Energy management systems and Carbon NetZero that may be applied.

    2. Carbon Chapter 6 Review

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